In this section we will endeavour to answer some simple and regularly asked questions.  Most will be aimed at individuals considering dipping their toes into the natural swimming pond world.  Should you have a specific question relating to our work, please get in touch via the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page.

How much maintenance does a swimming pond need?

The swimming ponds natural elements help maintain the water. Unlike a conventional swimming pool there are no poisonous chemicals which need to be closely monitored, allowing a robust biological filtration system to carry out its tasks, unmanned and in conjunction with the plants and organisms within the Eco-system.

The main tasks are emptying the surface skimmers baskets, removing the leaves, discourage water fowl as this will helps to keep the nutrient level low within the system. The amount of time needed all depends on the size and environment around your natural swimming pond. Larger body's of water maintain them better than smaller ones due to the nutrients effect on them. The lager the pond the lager the nutrient level needs to be to have an effect on the system allowing it to handle it's self much better.

How warm does the water get?

The way we like to design our natural swimming ponds is to encourage water from the shallower zones to be mixed with the deeper areas. this will give you a water temperature of between 19-23 degree C during the summer months in the UK... yes ! the UK!! This is without any heating system in place, only the circulation of the filtration system is needed to achieve this.

Can you add heating so you can swim all year round?

Yes is the simple answer to this but I always recommend to my clients that they try one season with out it first. we are able to take the necessary precaution's to make the installation of a heating system as easy as possible if it is still required.

If you are considering having a heating system installed for your swimming pond please get professional advice as they can have an adverse effect on the natural living water in a swimming pond. On the other hand, having a heating system will allow you to start swimming sooner increasing your swimming season for the year.

How much does a Swimming Pond Cost?

As you can imagine, the cost of a natural swimming pond vary's depending on the style, materials used, accesses, location, soil type and of course pond features. as a base figure you are looking at;

  • Wild life ponds; ponds can cost between £10,000 and £30,000 depending on style and needs.
  • Refurbishments; pond approximately 100 m2 costs upwards of £25,000 - plus VAT
  • Swimming Pool to Pond Conversions; Pool conversion of approximately 50 m2 upwards of £45,000 - plus VAT
  • Natural Swimming Pond; new construction of approximately 80 m2 cost upwards of £65,000 - plus VAT

This is a rough guide, if you wish to know more please feel free to get in contact.

Is it necessary to have plants inside the swimming area?

No. The plants and filtration system can be separate from the main swimming area. These design are usually more formal however when it comes to swimming ponds you are only limited by your imagination. We would love to help bring your ideas to life.